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How to Add a Personal Touch to a Summer Tote With Mixing Paint

Nov 17

Summer is a time for picnics in the park, lunches at the pool and evening walks. To make your summer outings even more fun, add a personal touch to a favorite tote bag with an artful hand-painted design. Mixing 2 year old paint Acrylic paints mixed with fabric painting medium are the ideal choice for this project, as they're able to be laundered without damaging the canvas. Whether you want to create a rainbow or another colorful pattern, the process is easy and fun with these supplies.

Mixing Paint

Before you begin, decide what you want to paint on your bag and sketch a simple outline with a marker. This will help ensure you don't miss any important areas and that all of your colors work well together. Once you have your outline, pick out the acrylic paints that you would like to use in your design and make a color palette of your own to achieve pastels or tones that are unique to your style.

If your bag is going to be a dotted pattern, start with the lightest colors and work your way up to the darkest. Be sure to use a long, even brushstroke and let the paint dry completely between each coat of paint.

For larger projects, a 55-gallon drum may be the appropriate container for the job. The cubic form of these large containers, however, tends to cause low-flow zones during mixing and can require pre-application mixing to suspend settled solids. This can be addressed with a drum agitator that attaches to the top of the container via standard 2-inch bungs. These units feature an air-powered or electric motor, shaft, folding impeller that fits inside the tote opening and expandable mounting bracket.

For heavier highway and traffic paints that need to be mixed prior to application, a tote mixer with a gear-driven agitator is available from EvenMix. These BGTC series mixers are suitable for standard IBC totes, and offer an option for air or electric operation with variable speed control between 3/4 and 2 horsepower. These units can also be used for mixing other heavy-bodied paints, primers and coatings that need to be pumped through paint spraying systems. The density of these products, as well as their viscosity and solids content, are all considered when choosing the appropriate mixer. EvenMix has a wide selection of mixers for varying product types and container sizes. Their engineering staff can direct you to a solution that is best suited for your project.